Academic Grievances

Student Grade Appeals Process

A student with a complaint about a grade is encouraged to first discuss the matter with the instructor. If the problem cannot be resolved at this level, the student may take the steps below:

1. Written appeal to department chair or area coordinator. (This step must be taken within 15 business days after the start of the next term.)

2. If no satisfactory resolution can be found, the Department Chair will refer the matter, normally within 5 business days, to the Associate Dean for a hearing by the College Grade Appeal Committee (CGAC).

3. The Associate Dean will schedule a hearing before the College Grade Appeal Committee normally within 20 business days.

4. The Committee shall hear all parties to the case and review all evidence presented. Both the faculty member and student shall be present at the same time during the formal hearing.

5. The College Grade Appeal Committee will determine the facts of the case and attempt to affect a fair and appropriate resolution to the complaint.

6. The Chair of the CGAC will present its findings and recommendations, in writing, to the Associate Dean normally within five business days after completion of its hearings and deliberations.

7. The Associate Dean will send written notification of the decision to the student and the faculty member involved normally within five business days after receiving the CGAC’s findings and recommendations.

8. This decision is final.


Student Grade Appeal Procedures