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About Prevention Education

 In the past few years technology and communication has led to injuries and diseases being more preventable than ever before. Society has shifted into a greater understanding that prevention is better than treatment. This means that if an individual has the opportunity to engage in healthy behaviors, they can potentially avoid risk of contracting diseases and paying high medical costs for treatment.

Prevention methods can include increased levels of education and awareness. Here at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi it is our mission to be “committed to preparing graduates for lifelong learning and responsible citizenship in the global community”- this includes having an important focus on the health and well being of students.


I-TEAM plays a main role in  organizing many prevention programs on campus that pertain to healthy behaviors related to alcohol and other drugs, mental health, sexual health, and many other holistic wellness efforts.
Please take a moment to see I-TEAM’s pass projects in slide show above.
For Students at a Distance: Prevention trainings will be available via webex upon request.  Notice is required at least three working days in advance to ensure the training is held in a venue that will support webex participation.