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Officers at peace love consent event

Peace Love Consent

To kick off the semester I-TEAM partners with Associate Dean of Students and Islander Housing to host a colorful, fun and informative event. I-TEAM members meet first year students to tie-dye shirts and play trivia games with questions about consent. They also get to create various crafts with their resident advisors after enjoying traditional pool party refreshments like hotdogs and chips.


bondfire group picture


Bondfire is an awesome annual event hosted by I-TEAM to invite new members into the organization. Students get to roast marshmallows around various fire pits on East Lawn. Then you get to enjoy free smore’s while meeting new friends.

Party house ad

Party House

Party house is an event that has been held on campus for about 15 years. Over the years various organizations have added to it by collaborating with I-TEAM. Party House is a new approach to prevention education in the sense that it is a life-like party simulation put on by student actors from the theatre department. Students walk through multiple rooms and experience scenes they may encounter throughout their life as a college student. This program teaches on topics such as binge drinking, sexual assault, alcohol poisoning, DWIs, and more. Students get to watch a fellow student experience extreme situations and the repercussions that follow. Students are then led to a “safe party” where they play games, dance to music and eat pizza.

escape room image

Islander Mythbusters Escape Room

The first annual Mythbusters event will be held Fall 2019 around Halloween time. The event is a escape room style where students have to figure out the facts to various myths related to alcohol and other drugs in order to “escape.”

the drinkers pyramid


Screening and Brief Intervention is usually held on or around National Alcohol Screening Day. Students are asked to take a short survey asking about their alcohol consumption. They then sit with a trained motivational interviewer to discuss their results and are offered resources if they desire them. Recently, the department has branched out to assessing cannabis consumption. The conversations students share stay completely anonymous and we thank them with a snack and a free t-shirt.


a picture of all tables at WWW

Wild N Wacky Wednesday

Wild N Wacky Wednesday is TAMU-CC’s official Spring Break kickoff event! I-TEAM along with various other organizations from the campus and the community collaborate to host an interactive tabling fair -like event.  Vendors donate raffle prizes where students get the opportunity to win every 10 minutes. Each table provides information about spring break safety. This ranges from sun safety to alcohol safety.