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Islander Leadership Conference

Be An Inclusive Leader

Experience Leadership. Experience Inclusion.


Do you want your resume to stand out, get employers excited, and develop your skill set? Of course you do! Employers tell us that they want job candidates who work well with those different than themselves and who show leadership skills. Make yourself the ideal job candidate and have a little fun.

Join us for an exciting day with advice from some famous keynote speakers, expertise from local professionals, professors, and educators, along with workshops designed to bring out what is best in YOU!

Check out the list of exciting topics that you can expert to learn about.


  • social change model
  • personality typology
  • self-awareness
  • effective communication
  • team building
  • personal & business values
  • creating shared visions
  • resume & interview skills
  • achieving you rdreams
  • diveristy in business
  • general social justice & activism
  • race & racism
  • gender & gender equity
  • identity formation
  • conversations about difference
  • understanding & appreciating difference
  • education on specific populations


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